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A zoo administered by the Philippine government has been accused of animal abuse by visitors who recorded images of the state in which they kept a blind lioness, A zoo according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

The lioness, A zoo named Lyka, has spent five years of her life in a small, unhealthy cage in which she barely has room to move.

The people in charge of the zoo of Maasin, located in the south of the Philippines, have alleged that the conditions in which they have to Lyka are due to a “breeding error” and that the lioness is blind due to an ocular problem of birth.

A tourist who visited the zoo told the British newspaper that she felt disconsolate after seeing the situation in which they had Lyka and that she was urging the animal defense groups to act on it. ” It was heartbreaking, I wanted to cry, seeing such beautiful enclosed animals and clearly suffering was very discouraging.” “She seemed weak,” lamented the woman.

In addition, he stated that next to Lyka they had a developed lion also locked in a cage that was too small and “seemed to be in a state of ill health.

A zoo


” A spokesman for the Maasin Zoo responded to accusations that Lyka is “healthy” and that he is being supplied with adequate amounts of food and water. “If there is a problem with the animals, they are treated by a veterinarian.”

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