Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo can soon answer follow-up questions without the ‘Alexa’ prompt

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Alexa will soon be smarter and more natural Amazon Echo about the way it interacts with you. This includes Alexa being able to recall information Amazon Echo you’ve told it to remember, asking multiple questions without each query Amazon Echo beginning with “Alexa,” and launching skills through natural requests. Ruhi Sarikaya, head of the Alexa Brain group, announced the… Read more »

iPhone SE 2

There are a ton of sketchy rumors about an upcoming iPhone SE 2

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Apple rumors can be way, way out there sometimes. But often, when iPhone SE 2 there’s enough noise, there’s something going on even if the rumors iPhone SE 2 aren’t firm enough to figure out exactly iPhone SE 2 what it’ll be. And over the past few months, more and more rumors (admittedly, sketchy ones) have pointed toward… Read more »

Connect the keyboard and mouse to Android Mobile

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Connect the keyboard and mouse to Android Mobile: All of us use Android Mobile, but have you ever thought that we can also connect the  keyboard and mouse to our Android mobile, if you have thought, maybe you have not understood that the keyboard or the mouse which we its the use of Computer Applications here how would connect for mobile  as they think… Read more »

Remote mobile device for Android mobile

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Remote mobile device for Android mobile: TVs in all the people’s home and we use the remote to run them, but sometimes what happens is that our remote gets spoiled and we start getting bothered. Friends do not have to worry about you at all. If you have Android Mobile then you can remotely control the TV… Read more »

Chinese mobile operators are implementing 5G technologies

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In the very near future, China’s mobile operators will begin the introduction of 5G technologies. This will happen from the beginning of 2019, the newspaper China Daily reports with reference to the Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, Qiao Yueshan Chinese mobile operators are implementing 5G technologies.     According to him,… Read more »