The "Novice"

What would remain of London if Skripal was poisoned by the “Novice”

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There is a well-known aphorism of Charles Clausewitz: “War is The “Novice” the continuation of politics by other means.” In many cases, thisThe “Novice”The “Novice” may be true, but it rarely becomes a happy outcome.The “Novice” No one likes politics, but when there is a chance to choose between politics and war, most sensible people will readily choose a… Read more »

PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide

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Hi Guys PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide  AriBlue626 here and today I will Show you Some PUBG Mobile Beginners Guide, Tips And Strategy so You shredded through those early bot levels and became hooked, now you’re getting taken out left and right even if you get the jump on them? I’m not an expert, in fact it’s… Read more »

Fortnite's Season 4

Fortnite’s Season 4 Map Update Hides New Secret Underground Areas

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Epic Games has provided Fortnite’s Season 4: Battle Royale players with a lot to digest in the big Fortnite’s Season 4 update. Your first post-patch flight over the island will reveal some of the big changes, like the comet laying waste to Dusty Depot Fortnite’s Season 4 as fans are digging in further, they’re finding there’s much more than… Read more »

steam spy

Steam Spy returns from death, but admits data is less accurate

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Earlier this month, the popular third-party tool Steam Spy was essentially left dead in the water after Valve announced new privacy settings for Steam Spy users, including hiding libraries and profile data from public view by default. This meant Steam Spy, which tracked stats like games’ sales numbers and play time, wasn’t able to access the data it… Read more »

God of War review more brilliant than ever

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Hello all today I’m going to give you all a brief review on God of War. God of War review more brilliant than ever. The early reviews for the PlayStation 4 exclusive God of War are all-in on the latest adventure for Kratos, the title titan. This story is a bit of a departure from the games that… Read more »


Fortnite iOS Can Be Played Without an Invite Now

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Fortnite on iOS can now be played without an invite. Epic Games has removed the restriction of needing a Fortnite invite from the company or a friend to play the game on the go. To play Fortnite on iOS you can simply download the game via the App Store. Keep in mind that you’ll need an iPhone 6s,… Read more »