Russian citizens

The embassy received reports of detentions of Russian citizens in Britain 

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The RF Embassy reported that it received reports of unmotivated detentions and Russian citizens interrogations by British border guards and  Russian citizens police officers, the diplomatic mission requests that such incidents be reported. “The Russian citizens Embassy in London began to receive reports of unmotivated detentions and interrogations by members of the border guard service… Read more »

The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama told about the Third World War

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There will not be a third world war, the Dalai Lama believes. This is the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism, The Dalai Lama widespread in Russia, said in an interview with RIA Novosti following a meeting The Dalai Lama with leading Russian scientists at his residence in the North Indian city of Dharamsala. “I think not,” the… Read more »

Amazon destroying

Trump blames Amazon for destroying thousands of small businesses

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The US president,  Donald Trump, has charged Amazon destroying Thursday against the technological giant Amazon destroying and has blamed the closure of “many thousands” of retail businesses. “Unlike others, they pay little or no tax to state and Amazon destroying local governments, use our postal system as a delivery driver (which causes a tremendous loss for the… Read more »

The "Novice"

What would remain of London if Skripal was poisoned by the “Novice”

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There is a well-known aphorism of Charles Clausewitz: “War is The “Novice” the continuation of politics by other means.” In many cases, thisThe “Novice”The “Novice” may be true, but it rarely becomes a happy outcome.The “Novice” No one likes politics, but when there is a chance to choose between politics and war, most sensible people will readily choose a… Read more »


Russians have quickly become fattened

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Russians, obese, in five years, moref attened than half – by 45 percent, RT reports with reference to the Russian Ministry of Health. fattened According to the department, in 2011 there were 856.5 cases of 100 thousand people. In 2016 this fattened indicator reached 1245.6 cases. Data for fattened the last year are not given. The Ministry of Health… Read more »

Third World

When to wait for the beginning of the Third World

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“The reporter” said whether the Third World war could begin as early as 2018. The author of the article notes the aggravation of contradictions between the leaders of Third World powers, the growth of the number of local wars and the accelerated Third World build-up of armaments. Meanwhile, military and political experts often hold opposing views… Read more »

In London, staged an ” acid attack ” 

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Three men were taken to hospital after suspicion of an “acid attack” in a street in eastern London. “Acid attack” The police were called in the Dulston area early in the morning in connection with a signal about people” acid attack ” affected by the “poisonous substance”. “The police were called in connection with a report on… Read more »

poisonous food

Our children are killed from the very birth with poisonous food

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To the poisonous food terrible tricks to get around strict sanitary norms, there are Russian manufacturers of baby food – purees, juices, yoghurts, mixtures, cereals poisonous food  The consequence is a sharp increase in the incidence of poisonous food cancer, obesity, endocrine and digestive system diseases. Frying fat – to the delight of the oligarchs… Read more »

Nokia to sell

Nokia to sell its health division to Eric Carreel, the co-founder of Withings after talks with Nest and others

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Nokia to sell unsuccessful foray into digital health hardware and services looks like it is finally coming to an end. Today the company announced  Nokia to sell it has entered into exclusive negotiations Nokia to sell the division to Eric Carreel, the co-founder and former chairman of Nokia to sell Withings, after both Samsung and Google both reportedly also sniffed around. Withings  formed… Read more »