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Mark Zuckerberg exited his meditation chamber on Wednesday, Darth Vader-style, and approached his pulpit. It took him five days to address the Cambridge Analytica scandal, a crisis that resulted in a $50 billion price crash for Facebookon the stock market and a deluge of users leaving the platform.

The response hasn’t been well received.

There’s the obvious issues. First and foremost, ctrl+f “sorry”: zero results. (Update: Zuckerberg subsequently said “sorry” in a CNN interview released after the Facebook post.)




Zuckerberg’s post is less an apology, more a list of things Facebook is going to do to fix a situation that is literally unfixable.

His post is an attempt to undo damage which has already been done.Our data is out there. Not only is our data out there, but it’s already been used in incredibly negative and damaging ways. You can’t untie that knot.

In his post Zuckerberg outlined a three point plan.

Step one: do a full audit of all the apps that had access to our data.

Step two: restrict that developer data in the future to prevent future abuse.

Step three: create an easily accessible tool to make sure users have a better idea of who has their data. This tool already exists, Facebook is just making it more visible.

None of these steps fixes a single thing.


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