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Hi Guys Today I will Share Pro Tips and Tricks to Tncreasing Instagram followers 2018 and Exposure so Instagram is growing quickly. In just a few years, they have over 500 million monthly active users and in this post i will share how to Increasing your  Instagram followers in july  2018 that I feel like will help you on how get more followers on Instagram

Increasing Instagram followers 2018

1. Interact with your followers by offering exclusive content.

Build a relationship with your Followers to keep them coming back to your account by sharing information that only you can offer. Use Instagram to reveal special news that you haven’t shared anywhere else. This will make your Followers feel special.

2. Create a profile that is buzz-worthy and represents your brand.

This is one of the best strategies to turn followers into clients. Use high-quality images and be consistent with your style. Personalize your brand to make it more likeable. Don’t forget to be authentic!

3. Post extraordinary photos and videos that connects you to your followers.

Since Instagram is a visual platform, use the power of your photos and videos to entice your followers. Use other apps such as VSCO to add filters to your photos. Add videos that are relevant and interesting.

4. Maximize the power of hashtags.

Hashtag is one of the most powerful feature in Instagram. When used well, it can catapult your profile views and allows you to connect to a community.

5. Run contests for your followers.

Come up with a cool contest that your followers will be interested to join in. Make sure you have an awesome prize within your target market. Include a voting element that will draw many contest participants.

6. Learn about Instagram Marketing by reading materials and guides from the experts.

There are plenty of guides that will help you through the basics of Instagram marketing up unto the more complex topics. Read through them and continue to know your way to the ins and outs of Instagram for business.

7. Connect with your followers by commenting, regramming their posts and direct messaging them.

Make a connection with your followers and foster a real relationship with them. This will make them feel like they are part of your Instagram family. If you’re a brand, engage by regramming their posts that features your products.

8. Use Instagram Tools

If you manage more than one account and struggle to post at a consistent schedule, there are plenty of Instagram tools that you can use. These management tools provide ease in scheduling posts and other tasks.

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