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First of let’s say what Instagram really is. Instagram is social networking service like the Facebook, only difference is that Instagram is more video and photo sharing service.

This social networking service is originally released at the end of 2010 year, and has become really popular in a short period of time so Now the question is How can you look at someone’s private Instagram account without following them??/

Answer In No…. You can not see someone’s private Instagram account without following them

If the picture is on an account that is private and you are not following them then you cannot see the picture. Police and other special people are allowed access to private pictures but the ordinary user can’t.

If you’re looking for some kind of

“hack”, then you aren’t going to get one. If a hacker found a way to view private pictures, he wouldn’t post about it online or else instagram would find out and patch it very quickly.

The only way you can see photos of an account that is private is to follow them.

  1. Simply request to follow them by tapping the request button in their profile and hope that they will accept you.
  2. Some people also create fake “stalker account” if they are going to follow people that might otherwise not accept them etc.

If you have the skills, you could hack their account, however, I strongly recommend you to stay away from this method.

You can request to follow that person. If that say yes then you can view the pictures and if they say no then you cant view the pictures.

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