SSC exam fraud

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A joint team of the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force and Delhi Police have busted a gang of Staff Selection Commission (SSC) examination solvers who helped candidates cheat in the exams by using remote access tool softwares like Team Viewer.

The UP STF identified the accused as Sonu Singh, Ajay Jaiswal, Param and Gaurav. Police said they have identified two other persons — Harpal and Anni — who are absconding. The gang would take around Rs 3 lakh to Rs 10 lakh depending on the exam from the candidates, the police said. Furthermore, the gang was also running more than ten examination centres where the candidates would cheat using the Team Viewer software.

“The accused persons would gain access to the computer systems of the candidates who paid the money. The solver would then answer all the questions using the software. When the Team Viewer software could not be used, they would take control of the computer by fixing the LAN connections with that of another computer in the exam centre and answer all the questions,” DSP (UP STF) Brijesh Singh said.

According to sources in the UP STF, Harpal and Sonu were the main gang leaders. The two accused were in a partnership as Harpal would provide the necessary infrastructure while Sonu would help in getting candidates.SSC exam fraud

The Delhi Police said the gang members were arrested after the cops had raided a building in Timarpur area in North Delhi. The police also recovered ten mobile phones, three laptops, three luxury cars, a pen drive, hard disk and Rs five lakh in cash.

The mobile phones will now be looked into to ascertain the number of candidates who had cheated in the exams. The police have said that the candidate’s number may shoot up to “several hundred”. “We have their WhatsApp screenshots, call details and other crucial evidence,” said a police officer.

SSC exam fraud

According to the police, the gang started operating in 2011. The members had made their initial forays into the cheating gang by setting up dummy candidates in written exams. Later, when the online exam format had begun, the gang members thought of using team viewer software and also procured examination centres to facilitate cheating, police said.

The UP STF had got inputs about Sonu’s involvement in the gang and mounted surveillance for 15 days. “We wanted evidence against Sonu before the raid. So we waited for him to make his move. Our officers caught him in a team viewer session around 10:30 am helping a candidate solve his paper. The Delhi Police was then informed about the raid,” Singh said.

The police have said that the gang’s main base of operations was in Delhi. However, they had also managed to trace their activities in other states. “One of the accused, Gaurav, had visited a Jaipur-based centre on March 20 and helped a candidate cheat in his SSC exam,” Singh said.

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