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The RF Embassy reported that it received reports of unmotivated detentions and Russian citizens interrogations by British border guards and  Russian citizens police officers, the diplomatic mission requests that such incidents be reported.
“The Russian citizens Embassy in London began to receive reports of unmotivated detentions and interrogations by members of the border guard service of the UK Ministry of Internal Affairs and police of Russian citizens arriving here on legal grounds, that is, with a British visa,” the embassy said in a statement.
“If you have similar problems at the airports upon arrival before or after passing the passport control, inform the embassy by e-mail at on the basis of confidentiality to take into account and prevent a possible discriminatory approach by the British authorities towards Russian citizens arriving in the UK, “the embassy said.
Relations between Russia and Britain sharply deteriorated against the background of the incident in Salisbury, where ex-colonel of the GRU

Russian citizens

reserve, Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yuliya, who worked for the British special services were poisoned. London claims that the Russian state is involved in the poisoning of the nerve agent A234. Moscow categorically denies this. 

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