Amazon destroying

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The US president,  Donald Trump, has charged Amazon destroying Thursday against the technological giant Amazon destroying and has blamed the closure of “many thousands” of retail businesses.

“Unlike others, they pay little or no tax to state and Amazon destroying local governments, use our postal system as a delivery driver (which causes a tremendous loss for the US) and are leaving out of business many thousands of retailers,”  Trump said.  on your official Twitter account.

Drop in stock market

The  value of Amazon on the stock market dropped 4.38% on Wednesday  after several media pointed out in the last hours that  Trump aims to “go after” the firm founded by billionaire  Jeff Bezos.

This is not the first time that Trump lashes out at Amazon and accuses him of damaging companies across the country and causing job losses because he has criticized the company based in Seattle  (Washington, USA) several times since it came to the White House.

In December, the president urged the US postal service to charge “much more” to Amazon for the delivery of packages.

Amazon destroying

Charge more for the postal service

“Why is the US Postal Service, which is losing billions of dollars a year, charging Amazon and others so little for the delivery of their packages and making Amazon richer and the dumbest then affirmed Trump in his Twitter account.

The president is also irritated by the harsh coverage of his policies by the newspaper  Washington Post, owned by Bezos, and his critical tweets with that newspaper usually carry the name of the e-commerce firm.

“The  # AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes cited as the guardian so that Amazon does not pay taxes on the internet (as they should), only publishes FALSE NEWS!” He wrote at the end of June. 

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