2018 World Cup

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The upcoming  2018 World Cup in Russia could not be protected from the West’s political attack. Most likely 2018 World Cup, the boycott will take a European scale. This will happen if the governments of 2018 World Cup the countries of the continent respond to the relevant appeal 2018 World Cup of the European Parliament.

With an appeal to refrain from participating in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, 60 members of the European Parliament representing 16 states and five political groups addressed the representatives of the executive power of European countries. In their view, Europe should support the decision of the governments of Great Britain and Iceland not to attend the competitions.

The motivation for such a radical measure is exclusively political. Among the “sins” of Russia are listed “attack in Salisbury”, “indiscriminate bombing of schools, hospitals and residential neighborhoods in Syria”, “invasion of Ukraine”, “hacker attacks”, “the occupation of the Crimea” and “interference in elections.”

All this, according to the authors ” Putin’s mockery of European values.” “In these difficult times, the world looks at Europe. Our governments should not strengthen the authoritarian and anti-Western path of the Russian president, but boycott the 2018 World Cup in Russia, “the deputies are sure.

According to the initiator of the appeal of the member of the European Parliament Rebekka Harms , for the Russian president, the World Cup 2018 is part of the “propaganda show” in the style of “making Russia great again”. Before starting to counteract this, Harms met with “representatives of civil society and independent media of Russia” who do not support the Russian president.

However, the commentators of the interview of the deputy on the website of the Voice of America see in her initiative only resentment: personal – to Harms herself and the whole country – Britain.

“The chairman of the Green Party faction in the EU Parliament, Rebecca Harms, was not allowed into Russia. They put Sheremetyevo on the plane, waved goodbye and finally asked sarcastically. Tatyana Petrakova reminded .

In turn, Osip Spasov is confident that it is about revenge in Britain for losing in the fight for the championship: “Larchik opens very simply: FIFA in 2014 chose Moscow, not London for the 2018 World Cup. London was terribly offended and began to take revenge, wherever possible. The policy of hatred is a rockfall, and the very first stone is London’s insulting election of the capital of the 2018 World Cup. “

The boycott previously announced by Britain is still unconvincing, and the promise not to allow members of the royal family to come to Russia is so ridiculous. It’s unlikely that Queen Elizabeth herself was going to come to us , which has turned 92 years old just now. As for the officials of the Football Association of England, they, despite the words about the boycott, will still come, albeit not in full force. For Europe, the initiative of the deputies of the European Parliament is the same desire to punish Russia for Ukraine, for the Donbas, for Syria, for suspicions about the poisoning of Skripal  for all this together.

“JV”: – Whether the boycott of the European governments is not known for sure, but the members of the royal family of Britain will definitely not come …

 Most likely, and so would not go. And they will not go as it were because of the boycott  All this is purely symbolic.

Yes, and we probably have many assumed the refusal of political figures from visiting the championship. There is nothing new here – they use one more reason to express their displeasure over Russia’s foreign policy.

But athletes, I think, will come. The ban on the participation of their national teams by European countries will not be accepted.

 2018 World Cup

According to Vasily Vlasov , a member of the State Duma Committee on Physical Culture, Sport, Tourism and Youth Affairs , the initiative of European deputies can be explained by the desire for personal political glory. No need to ask anyone to come to us at the World Cup 2018 and “send away”, too, no one needs. You just need to explain to people that if they want to prove their point of view, you have to come and take part in competitions.

Unfortunately, many think that some kind of political statements, coalition-building, political boycott can make a name for yourself. To learn about this MEP, they began to talk that, they say, she is such and she still has supporters. Given that this is a sporting event, it is important to decide athletes, not politicians.

“SP”: – Everything is mixed – sports, politics. British fans, and through them can and the players themselves, and do scare the possible poisoning in Russia after the case of Skripal …

 It’s hard to imagine that someone from professional sportsmen will not go to Russia. Just in the European Cup and participated in the Moscow CSKA Moscow, and “Zenith”, or “Spartacus” played. And everywhere they went to play return matches, there were no political boycotts. The same is true of the Russian club championship, where our athletes and foreign players play equally.

Imagine if such a split, a boycott occurred in Spain, where there is now a confrontation with Catalonia? There after all at the championship plays “Barcelona”. So sports things should be separate.

 2018 World Cup

According to Valery Chukhria , ex-head of the FIFA office in Moscow , Russia itself gives an excuse for political attacks on its sport and, in particular, football, unreasonably increasing the state’s presence in this sphere.

 Of course, it’s nice when there are leaders of different countries at the competitions. They kind of raise the international status of the tournament. But nothing more. If suddenly they do not come, no one will experience anything special. Another thing is the former head of FIFA, Joseph Blatter . Now Putin invited him to visit our championship. Blatter must come.

“SP”: – Blatter is not a politician …

 In general, FIFA is categorically against the participation of politicians in football affairs. A vivid example of our Vitaly Mutko , who became a politician, but he was removed from football. Our state believes that it must control everything. In fact, the state should help, and not interfere in the affairs of sport.

“SP”: – As in Europe?

 Yes, they do not interfere much. They know a certain “red line”. And we recently have something gone their own way. At us recently the state in the name of the ministry of sports has replaced itself the Russian football union. But in the ministry there are no specialists – they all sit in federations. That’s the result – the 62nd place of our football team in the FIFA rankings.

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