Women can drive

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A Saudi woman can driving a car.

The country will change the rules that regulate the system of driving schools and licenses.

Until now Women can drive, permits were only a granted to men.

The authorities of Saudi Arabia announced on a Tuesday that a Women can drive will be able to start driving with the official a permit starting on June 24, 2018, once the legislation governing the driving and licensing system is in place.

The director of the General Department of Traffic, The Mohamed bin Abdullah al Basami, confirmed that all requirements “have been finalized,” according to a government statement issued by the International Center for Communications (CIC).

He also highlighted the “support” received by the Department headed by Interior Minister Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef and the rest of the institutions, while saying that “it has allowed all obstacles to be overcome”.

Prohibition ‘de facto’

The King Salman of Saudi Arabia announced in September 2017 that women could lead the country, after which the authorities clarified that it will have to be at least 1 8 years, pass medical tests and theoretical and practical tests.

The monarch thus ended the ‘de facto’ prohibition that rules over a woman, since the laws do not expressly prohibit women from driving, but the citizens of the kingdom are obliged to have a license that the authorities only grant to men.

In his decree, The King Salmán mentioned expressly that his announcement does not violate the precepts of Sharia or Islamic law and assured that it has the approval of the main religious authorities.

Women can drive

Saudi Arabia is governed by a strict interpretation of Islam that penalizes in a special way women, who are subject to the guardianship of a man and must be a completely covered. The current moral codes greatly restrict their participation in a public life. 

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