nails biting

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A young woman bites her nails biting. 

It happened to a young British man of 28 years, who relieved his nerves with that tactic.

But he began to nails biting feel bad, with flu-like symptoms, although he was nails biting diagnosed with sepsis.

The Luke Hannam, a 28-year-old Briton, has been on the verge of losing his life because of something as common as biting his nails. This habit, a priori harmless, resulted in an infection that brought serious consequences. He began suffering from flu-like symptoms and was finally diagnosed with sepsis, an inflammatory response of the body to an infection.

The Luke, who has two children aged eight and five, had the habit of biting his nails to relieve his nerves, but one day he felt bad after eating the skin around his nails. He began to have symptoms similar to those of the common flu: high temperatures, even fever; accelerated pulse, cold sweats, and tremors.

His mother took him to the hospital and they told him that what he had was not the flu, but sepsis. This infection was spreading throughout his body through the blood without him realizing it. He spent four days under observation and was told he was “lucky to be alive”. And it is that Luke had red lines all over his body, a common sign that an infection is spreading, and an extremely high temperature.

Sepsis is a complication that develops after an infection. The body’s immune system begins to run at full speed, which can cause a reduced blood supply to the organs. If not treated in time, it can cause multiple organ failures and ultimately death.

nails biting

And it is that nibbling the nails and the skin that surrounds them can cause a serious illness, however strange it may seem. “Remove the skin around the nails can leave open wounds that can become infected quickly,” says a pharmacy consulted by the newspaper Mirror. And around 20-30% of the population bites their nails regularly. 

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